Services offered

Services & Programs

The association provides after school programs for Somali Children.  The center also has an open access computer lab that is open to the public at no charge.

Services Offered

  • Planning and Support
    Trained multi-lingual Immigrant Staff helps you plan how to get what you want and then helps you get it.  Also Advocacy, family counseling, and battered women support.
  • Translation and Interpretation
    For documents, and in health and legal situations.
  • ESL, Vocational and Family Literacy
    Elder, Working Adult, Preschool and After-School Classes are held at our sites to fit your schedule
  • Elder Programs
    English, Acculturation, Hot-Meals, Current Events Discussion, Social Events and more
  • Youth Programs
    Pre School English, After School and Saturday tutoring, Weekday Hot-Meals, Soccer, Adult mentors, Special assistance for older, previously unschooled youth
  • Job Assistance
    All aspects of Job preparation, placement and job retention including Vocational English, Acculturation and Conflict resolution.